Using Artificial Intelligence to create a future-ready workforce

Using Artificial Intelligence to create a future-ready workforce

In a little while back India has picked up the pace in terms of embracing Artificial Intelligence in many sectors of the economy.

With a 1,300 million population, it is very important to properly envisage the effect of the latest technologies on our human capital. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful and useful tool in the latest defense and security innovations, it has an effect on the future of the country in terms of AI-powered nations.

A billion strong ambition and aspirational youth looking for jobs in the coming years and it is going to be a big challenge for world leaders. Out of this, a significant and remarkable proportion will be coming from India.

With more educational institutions and universities now understanding the importance as well as the necessity of learning and outcome-based pedagogical tools, the Indian education system for higher studies is slowly coming out of its traditional outlook.

We need to opt for those institutions and organizations that are willing to serve hard to create the next level of excellence in Artificial Intelligence.

The conceptualization of the model is that 10% of the institutions should be concentrated in the first phase and these zonal leads act as a guide or resource institution for the all remaining institutions in a phase-wise manner.

A Project named “” is one of the flourishing models, where this idea has been tried on a platform of 100 institutions, who are further connected to 10 basic network partners of their respective institutes. Institutions should also provide startups/incubator at the campus it will help to bring real-time projects for students. Internships and Sabbaticals at hub institutions are great tools for quick adaptation to new technology, collaboration and work culture between institutions.

Talking about the Knowledgebase required for current engineers is increasing at a rapid pace. If we continue adding more hours to teach Artificial Intelligence, we will injustice to the students. There must be a professional review of the schedule of the syllabus with the help of industrialists and young academics. Bennett University (BU) has the benefit in terms of its lineage and philosophy in embracing all these ideas. The University’s project showcase events have been evaluated by industry experts with positive outcomes.

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