TikTok overtake FB in January-March downloads

TikTok overtake FB in January-March downloads

You like or dislike TikTok, but you cannot ignore it. Apart from all the controversies, the Chinese video-sharing app has exceeded its presence on social media giant Facebook which is the most preferred social networking app around all over the world in the March 2019 quarter, with taking some help from India. In the Reports of the data from apps intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Tik-Tok added 188 million users in the quarter and talking about the new installs of the viral app, it raised 70% year-on-year from March 2018.

India and China, with total downloads of 47% and 7.5% respectively are the countries with the most number of new installs for the TikTok. An estimated 88.6 million new Indian users engaged to the app in the quarter in comparison from the US where around 13.2 million new users added to the controversial app. Now TikTok’s Indian user base is over 200 million.

In an Interview with Times Of India, Sensor Tower head (mobile insights) Randy Nelson told: “TikTok presents an attractive alternative social network for users searching a greater focus on individual expression and who have been seeking an alternative to the now-defunct Vine (app).”

Industry experts said that Tik-Tok short-video format is a great scope for creativity, and it also associated “entertainment quotient” which makes it popular among youth globally. In India, the app is providing the next million internet users their first social networking experience.

A TikTok spokesperson told Times of India that India is a great market for the Chinese app TikTok and they continually collect the feedback from users to extend the in-app experience. In his words “India is an important market for TikTok and we constantly gather feedback and insights from our users to enhance the in-app experience.”

Further added to this he said that they will continually update TikTok features to make it a safe and positive platform. “We will continue to build TikTok as a safe and positive platform and as the preferred content platform for creative expression.”

Considering Facebook, Another mostly used social networking app, he said that Facebook also helps in TikTok Growth. “Rival Facebook too is helping TikTok’s growth as a social media sensation.”

“TikTok’s rise to the top of the charts is being driven primarily by aggressive marketing spend by (owner) ByteDance particularly in terms of app install advertising on its rival networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc,” Nelson said. Facebook’s new user growth has remained consistent over the past several quarters,” he added.

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