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Sonia Gandhi : Never wanted to join Politics and Now a ‘Great Politician’

Sonia Gandhi : Never wanted to join Politics and Now a ‘Great Politician’ Sonia Gandhi a political leader, a mother, a daughter in law and former president of the Indian National Congress. Sonia Gandhi is a very famous political personality in India. But her life’s journey started very far away from India where she is […]

Rahul Gandhi: An emotional politician with strong desires

Rahul Gandhi is considered as the rising star of Congress. Rahul Gandhi is the president of the Indian National Congress party. Rahul Gandhi also serve as Chairperson of the National State Union of India and Indian Youth Congress. Early life and childhood Rahul Gandhi the son of  Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi was born on […]

Mamta Banerjee: A leader with many abilities

Mamta Banerjee is the well-known name in India and especially for the people of West Bengal. People of West Bengal also call her ‘Didi’ which means elder sister. Since 2011, Mamta Banerjee is the 8th  Chief Minister of West Bengal. Early Life Mamta Banerjee was born on 6th January in the year of 1955. Mamta […]


Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress party is a major and broadly based party in India, this party was founded in the year of 1885. It was the first modern nationalist movement to appear in the British Empire in Africa and Asia

Indian General Election, 1998 (12th Lok sabha)

Indian General Elections 1998

India’s last Lok Sabha elections were dissolved in 2 years as there were internal disputes amongst the United Front so it was time for the Indian general election,1998 for the 12th Lok Sabha.

Indian General Election, 1977 (6th Lok Sabha)

Indian General Election 1977

1970 was an eventful decade that transformed India. In this decade, India showed its importance to the world and 1977 was one of its eventful years because of 6th Lok Sabha election.