Students’ social awareness campaign a great success

Students’ social awareness campaign a great success

The students and staff of the hospital and hospitality management department of Techno India, Salt Lake, organized a social awareness campaign named as WIZARD at a recent time on their college campus. This was the 13th time since 2007 that the students of the university have been taking this initiative and responsibility as well to promote social awareness event on basic issues that everyone should know and being aware of them.

The students combine and contact various number of NGOs, they especially join hand with those NGOs who work for specially-abled children, cancer patients and old-age homes in the city. From last five years, these campaigns running by students’ initiative has given a platform to a number of talented children who do not get an opportunity to show their talents due to many hurdles mainly because of financial and physical challenges.

Social awareness programs are organized by Techno India University, West Bengal in all around schools and colleges which as results make effective guidelines for the academic growth and upliftment of students across the world. Students are made aware of their social responsibilities towards others as citizens so that they evolve as particular conscious individuals. Social awareness gives you as well as others the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others.

On the first day, The cancer awareness programme of the two-day event was the most prominent one. In which all the guidelines regarding cancer are mentioned and Dipanjana Karmakar, a student of hospital management also said that there was a CPR Workshop too which is very useful for students to be aware. According to Dipanjana to create awareness among people for ageing parents and old age homes they play small skits in different locations of Kolkata. In her words “Besides, there was a CPR workshop that students enjoyed so much,” said Dipanjana Karmakar. “To create awareness about aging parents and against putting them in old-age homes, we performed street plays at different locations of Kolkata including Nandan, Mohor Kunjo Park, Karunamoyee, Sealdah, and Hedua,” further added.

When asked why they organize such campaigns and involve themselves in such activities, the students tell that in modern society we live, every person lives only for him or herself. “The constant struggle and the rat race have blinded us and make us unaware of our society. Our initiative is to make future generations aware that the only way of going forward is together,” said another student of hospital management.

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