Salman Khan’s opinion about why he stays away from kissing & nudity in his movies

Salman Khan's opinion about why he stays away from kissing & nudity in his movies

Salman khan’s Superstardom looks so easy to everyone. His Interactions in Media looks so indifferent and casual. People always segregate him from the ‘real’ world by talking that how he arrives late and his rude attitude towards his fans. But if you meet in person to the man himself,  his talks are always about to be focussed, being real and of course ‘Being human’

Salman Khan time to time proved his superstardom to box office but there is a time when everyone faced failures in their life, same with the Tiger of Bollywood when his films have flopped. But he is not one of them who accept the failures, he rises again as Bhaijaan of Bollywood bounces back and shows his mantle with another entertaining film and wins over the audience’s hearts once again.

In a recent interview, the Sultan of Bollywood opened up about the kind of film industry he wants, the kind of cinema he wishes to be associated with. Telling about his views on this he said that today’s trends are peculiar and strange especially which are on the web but he would like to do the films which have humor, action, drama, naughtiness and romance a full entertainment package which ‘all of us can watch them together’ further added by him.

According to him, if his movies have ‘A’ Certificate then it won’t for kissing or any type of nudity but only because of the action scenes in the movie.

The questions asked to Salman in interviews is as follows:

Firstly he was asked about the three khan thing, that, earlier he is one of the least celebrated khans among shah rukh and amir, and now, he is the most celebrated. On this, his answer is

“Not really. By the grace of God, the films that I’m choosing have done well. But it is not as if Aamir or Shahrukh are choosing bad or worse films. There are times when the movies I’ve chosen, to the best of my knowledge, haven’t worked. And then one film works and you’re back. SRK is a legend, as is Aamir. A bad movie here or there may happen, but they will always come back. Actually, tension toh Mera Hai. Aamir and SRK know their craft. I’ve heard people saying they’re not so sure about me (laughs)!”

Then the main question asked to him is about kissing in movies, on this he responded as

“My thing is that I’m surviving on mediocre talent and luck. Actually, I don’t know what I’m surviving on, but I’m surviving. Mere ups and downs toh hote rahenge. By the grace of God, Hamari fan following itni tagdi hai. There’s also Akki (Akshay Kumar), Hrithik (Roshan) and Ajay (Devgn).

Then, there are the new boys — Tiger (Shroff), Ranveer (Singh) and Varun (Dhawan). Everyone is so good that all of us will also have to, you know, be on our toes.”

Meantime, Salman will soon be seen in ‘Bharat’ alongside Katrina Kaif and he would also start shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Inshallah’. Alia Bhatt has also seen in to play as the lead opposite Salman in Bhansali’s film.

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