Meet Mamata, a specially-abled girl who writes University Exams with her feet

Meet Mamata, a specially-abled girl who writes University Exams with her feet

When life gives you lemons you turn around and make lemonade, so goes the aphorism. This is exactly what Mamata Patel of Madhya Pradesh did. A 19-year-old differently-abled girl from Chhatarpur has gone viral for writing her exams in University with her feet.

Crippling Disability makes her hands as purposeless but that has not stop Mamata Patel from fulfilling her dream of an educational degree. She did not allow his crippling to become an obstacle, Instead, she uses his toes of her feet to hold a pen for writing.

The specially-abled girl has been practicing to write from her feet from childhood.

Currently, Mamata is pursuing her education from the reputable college of Chhatarpur, Maharaja College, Where She is enrolled as a Regular Student.

For pursuing her dream she traveled around 18 Km from Talvampara, her uncle’s house, to write her BA first-year examination.

“My father taught me to write with my feet. In school, children use to bully me for writing this way, but now that I’ve reached college, I feel great”, Mamata told news agency ANI.

Explaining about the struggle she faces, Mamata said that at starting she found it very difficult to write from her feet but after so many practices she got used to it.  

In her words, “Initially I found writing difficult because of my disability, then got used to it. Every day I faced a lot of trouble in completing my daily tasks but because of the affection of people and my aspiration I am continuing my education.”, Here, Mamata Says about the difficulties she faced for making her disability as her strength.

Apart from this she also reveal her views that she really want to support her family financially and emotionally.

Mamata expresses her inspirational story and guides the youngster in her own words that how she never blamed the god for her disability, Instead of this she rises from her hurdles and fight with her miserable conditions.

Mamata said, “I want to be educated. I want to do work so that I can earn money to support my parents financially as well as mentally. I never blame God for my disability as I believe that there are some children, who even with both hands are not studying properly and spoiling their future”.

Speaking to ANI, Mamata has requested all the youngsters to not let anything affect their dreams.

Mamata told that she was born in a common family of a farmer. Her parents and Sumati Prakash Jain, the Councilor of the Commerce Department at Maharaja College, encouraged and supported her to continue her studies and fulfill her dreams of having an educational degree.

Mamata Says: My younger and the elder brother used to take care of me. Last year, I passed 12th board exams and got enrolled in the prestigious Degree College of Chhatarpur.

We need to learn something from Mamta that She could not hold a pen using her hands but that did not stop her from learning how to write. This simply explains that if we want to succeed in then no obstacle or no disability can stop us from completing our dreams.

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