Indian General Election, 1971 (5th Lok Sabha)

Indian General Election 1971

Indian National Congress: Splitting Alliance (5th Lok Sabha Election)

5th Lok Sabha election was held on 1 to 10th March,1971, just a year before the government’s five-year term. 5th Lok Sabha election was the first election after splitting of Congress. Indian National Congress was in a very good position at the time of Indian general election,1971.

It was well known that Congress will win the Indian general election, 1971 and happened the same. Congress ruling party won the 5th Lok Sabha election with a huge margin by winning 362 seats out of  520 seats with significant gains of 134 seats in the Indian general election, 1971. In the general election of India ,1971  Indira Gandhi became the prime minister for the 2nd time by winning the 5th Lok Sabha election. In the 5th Lok Sabha election Indira Gandhi campaigned with the slogan “Garibi hatao”  which aided in winning the Indian general elections ,1971. This campaign was started to reduce poverty and by this, Congress regained many seats in Indian general election,1971, which they lost in previous elections.

People voted for Indian National Congress in Indian general election,1971 to gain stability and change. Indira Gandhi became the dominant and unchallenged political figure in India after 5th Lok Sabha election. She gave new hopes to the people of our country. It was her duty to deliver all promises, she did to voters. She had the strength to pass laws and there could be no chance of failure. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Politically, this period of 1967-71, when Indian general election,1971 was held, saw many unparalleled events. There was internal tension between the Indian National Congress which resulted in split between the Indian National Congress. Congress was divided into Congress organisation party and Congress ruling party. 31 MP opposed Indira Gandhi which became the Indian National Congress organisation. Splitting issue arose due to electing V.V Giri as the president of India.

The bar was raised for Indira Gandhi but she was not disappointed. During the war of India-Pakistan in 1971, Indira Gandhi took many tough decisions, and one of them was resulted as ‘Bangladesh’s liberation. In December 1971, victory of India was welcomed by Indians. For Indian National Congress and Indira Gandhi, there were many other problems which they had to face. Because of the Indo-Pak war, oil prices in the world was increased and the output of industries was decreased. Basically, that time was economically hard.

There were many factors which influenced the 5th Lok Sabha election. Some of them are :

  • War of India-Pakistan 1971.
  • Formation of Bangladesh.
  • Congress ruling party had the alliance with two Communist parties.
  • Congress organisation allied with Bharatiya Janata Sang, Swatantra Party, Samyukta Socialist Party and PRAJA  Party.

5th Lok Sabha election was evented by 27 states and one union territory. Bhartiya Jana Sang won 22 seats with voting share of 10%, Swatantra party won 22 seats with the voting share of 7 %, Samyukta Socialist Party won 3 seats with voting share of 2.4 % and Praja Socialist Party with 2 seats.

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