Indian General Election, 1967 (4th Lok Sabha)

Indian General Election 1967

Division in Congress: Indira Gandhi as PM (4th Lok Sabha Election)

In 1960’s world was transforming very fast both politically and economically. Indo-China war in the year 1962 made a huge loss to the nation’s economy and self strength. However, in 1965, in India-Pakistan war, India regained its confidence when Pakistan faced defeat.

Indian National Congress which was the biggest political party lost its great political leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri and Jawaharlal Nehru. There was internal division in the Congress party. Indira Gandhi became the prime minister after Lal Bahadur Shastri . Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai were rivals in the party leadership contest in 1966 .There was the rift  between the two leaders.

After two years , the 4th Lok Sabha was elected by The India General election of 1967. There were 520 single-member constituencies at the time of Indian general election 1967. From 520 seats in Lok Sabha, 261 seats were needed for majority. 27 Indian states and one union territory represented the 4th LOK SABHA election of Indian General elections of 1967. The 4th LOK SABHA elections, were held from 17th  February to 21st February.

In the 4th Lok Sabha election, Indian National Congress won the Indian general election 1967 under the leadership of Indira Gandhi. Congress won 283 seats with the voting share of around  41%. In Gujarat, Congress won just 11 seats out of 24 seats in 4th Lok Sabha election. In Madras, Dravid Munnetra Kazhagan won 25 seats out of 39 and Congress won just 3 in Indian general election 1967. In Orissa, Swatantra party won 8 seats out of 20 and Congress won 6. In Rajasthan, Congress won 10 seats out of 20. Kerala was proved to be bad for Congress in 4th Lok Sabha election with only 1 seat from 19 seats. In Delhi, Bhartiya Jana Sangh won 6 out 7 seats and remaining one was won by the Indian National Congress. West Bengal had 40 seats whereas Congress won only 14 seats in Indian General Election 1967.

Some parties like Bhartiya Jana Sangh won 35 seats with the voting share of 9.3%, Communist Party of India won 23 seats with the voting share of 5% and Independent candidates with 35 seats. But overall, Congress won the 4th LOK SABHA elections.

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