Indian General Election, 1962 (3rd Lok Sabha)

Indian General Election 1962

Swantantra Party’s Impressive Emergence: Charismatic Performance (3rd Lok Sabha Election)

1962 was an important year for India. The General election became a routine practice in India. 3rd Lok Sabha election were held from 19 to 25 February. With majority votes, The Indian National Congress won the 3rd Lok Sabha elections. Out of 494, 361 seats were with Indian National Congress. 

It was a hat-trick by Indian National Congress in the Indian general election 1962. Jawaharlal Nehru’s consecutive win was seen in 3rd Lok Sabha election, although he died two years later. He died in May, 1964. India lost another Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri during this time. He passed away in January, 1966. It was considered as a great loss to Indian National Congress. 

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, during his tenure, made many policies and plans for the development and growth of India. His aim for launching the five year plan, was to improve the living standards of people by using natural resources. Congress was willing to work in different fields like technology, industrial development, science and communication. At the time of Indian general election 1962, there was not any strong opposition party present.

There were two developments on National front 3rd Lok Sabha elections:

  • First one was the decline of Praja Socialist Party which was holding the position of leading opposition until 3rd Lok Sabha election.
  • The second one was the Swatantra Party’s emergence as second leading position among opposition parties in Indian general election 1962.

Swatantra party in Indian general election 1962, got the leading position in State assemblies like Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan. In 3rd Lok Sabha election, voter list was increased and 13 state assemblies were present. Almost 55.4% voters, voted for their favourite leaders in Indian general election 1962. The year 1962 in which the 3rd Lok Sabha election were held, also saw the fall  of 13.1% in voter’s turnout.

Indian Election commission conducted all the arrangements related to election outstandingly in 3rd Lok Sabha election. People of India also enthusiastically participated in Indian general election, 1962. 

28 parties participated in Indian general election 1962. There were two state assemblies which did not participate in Indian general elections 1962. Those were Orissa and Kerala. It happened because mid-term elections for both of these states were held in 1960 and 1961.

In Indian general election 1962, cast votes were over 114 million which was approximately total electorate’s 53%. It showed the increasing interest of electorate to be the part of the democratic process. In 3rd Lok Sabha elections, with 9.96%, the Communist party got second place. It was considered as an impressive performance of Communist party.

Some communal parties lost their appeal to the electorate in 3rd Lok Sabha election like Ram Rajya Parishad, Akali Dal, , the Hindu Maha sabha and the Muslim League. They had only secured a few seats. Similarly, there were many parties like The Republican Party, Workers Party, Revolutionary Socialist Party, Forward Bloc, Jharkhand Party etc., who lost their considerable ground in 3rd Lok Sabha Election.

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