In three images, Navy captures Cyclone Fani’s strength as it rolls its ship

In three images, Navy captures Cyclone Fani’s strength as it rolls its ship

As Cyclone Fani come near to Odisha’s coast ahead of making landfall, the Indian Navy, which has been following the cyclone’s progress statistics both on water and via satellite.

In a sequence of tweets, the Indian Navy unveils the strength with which Cyclone Fani had approached and disturbed the seas as well as its progress all around the Bay of Bengal towards Odisha.

The Navy also showed that it has deployed a total seven numbers of warships that include three warships – Sahyadri, Kadmatt and Ranvir – these are the following of the eye of the storm all the while keeping south of it, and four of the warships are from the Tamil Nadu coast. The three warships deployed are equipped with Humanitarian Assistance And Disaster Relief (HADR) stores on board. These HADR (Humanitarian Assistance And Disaster Relief) stores can support nearly a thousand people for seven days and this also includes food and medicines along with material to build shelters.

In a tweet of Indian Navy, it told that it had also kept “six fixed-wing aircraft and seven helicopters on standby at INS Dega Vizag along with divers, rubberized craft, medical teams, and HADR relief material.”

In Indian Navy’s Another Tweet, it displayed the strength with which the waters had been churned and stirred by the cyclone and it is said to be the most intense and longest sustaining since it formed on April 26 in the Bay of Bengal.

The first picture shows the quarterdeck of the ship covered in water and the remaining two photographs give a view of the violent roll of the ship in the choppy seas in the extremely severe cyclonic storm.

The Indian Navy has also been showing out photographs of Cyclone Fani taken using a Doppler Weather Radar. The latest update views the cyclone to be moving at a speed of about 15 kmph.

In Indian Navy’s tweet, they said, “Eye of the storm seen clearly in the image. In the last 06 hrs, the system has moved NNE with a speed of around 15 kmph. Likely to move NNE further towards Odisha coast.”

The landfall is expected by Cyclone Fani on Friday near Puri Gopalpur and Chandbali with a maximum speed of 170-180kmph gusting to 200kmph.

The cyclone’s landfall is likely to happen and accompanied by the storm surge of 1.5-meter height above the astronomical tide and it is expected inundate low lying areas of Puri, Khurda, Jagatsinghpur Ganjam districts of Odisha. The cyclone Fani’s landfall is expected to be followed by “heavy to very heavy rain” over Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal.

In Meantime, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued an order to shut down the Bhubaneswar airport from midnight, Apart from this, even as Odisha started evacuating lakhs of people from its seaside villages and inside of districts in buses and smaller vehicles on Thursday, it’s a day before the cyclone Fani expected to make landfall. Till Thursday evening, around 8 lakh people had been evacuated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also held a high-level meeting to view the progress of the preparedness for Cyclone Fani.

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