Gurugram: Woman threatens to jump off the building of the company

Gurugram: Woman threatens to jump off the building of the company

The video of a woman who threatens to jump off a five-story building’s terrace in Sector 18 in Gurugram has gone viral making several residents thronging at the spot where the incident occurs and asking about the authenticity of the clip.

Later Police confirmed that the incident happens on May 24 and the woman, seen in the clip, was convinced to change her mind and not take the drastic step.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing on the edge of the building’s terrace and frightening to jump off the building if the office management team did not hire her as a permanent employee. The video is also shown that a man, wearing a pink shirt and black trouser, slowly and carefully approaching the woman and persuading her to step down from the building. Policemen are also visible in the video. After a few minutes, the woman is seen coming down the edge of the building holding the man’s hand.

Inspector Vivek Kundu, SHO, Sector 18 police station, confirming the incident happen there they said that this video was recorded by people gathered near the building when the woman was threatening to kill herself. The woman was is an employee in the Rajasthan-based infrastructure company’s corporate office in Sector 18 from the past six months.

Inspector Kundu adding that after receiving the information a police team instantly reached the spot and helped the office management team in convincing the woman said, “On May 24, when she got to know that the company was not hiring her as a permanent employee, following the end of her probation period, she threatened to kill herself.”      

When talking to the company manager, who did not want to be named, the woman was not be hired after the completion of her probation time because her performance was unsatisfactory. While the woman alleged the blames that she was being punished for standing up against the office management team and saying that ‘they did not have the proper environment for women employees’.

The police officer told that no FIR has been registered in the incident as inspector Kundu told that neither the company nor the woman filed a complaint into the case.

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