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The President is the ceremonial head of state of India and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of India.

The President is elected indirectly by the electoral college which comprises of:

  • The Parliament of India (both Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha)
  • Legislative Assemblies of each of India’s states and its territories, who themselves are all directly elected.

The Constitution of India states that the President can use his powers directly or via any subordinate authority. All of the executive powers vested in the President are in practice and are exercised by the Prime minister  who acts as a subordinate authority, with the help of the Council of Ministers. The president is bound by the constitution to act on the advisory of the Prime minister and the Cabinet as long as the advisory is not violating the rights of the Constitution.




  • All executive actions are taken in his name.
  • He appoints the Prime Minister and other ministers.
  • He appoints the Attorney General of India.
  • He appoints the following:
  1. Comptroller and auditor general of India,
  2. The chief election commissioner and other election commissioners,
  3. The chairman and members of the Union Public Service Commission,
  4. The governors of states,
  5. The chairman and members of finance commission, and so on.


  • He can summon or prorogue the Parliament and dissolve the Lok Sabha.
  • He can also summon a joint sitting of both the houses of the Parliament.
  • He can address the Parliament at the commencement of the first session after each general election and the first session of each year.
  • He nominates 12 members of the Rajya Sabha.
  • He can nominate two members to the Lok Sabha from the Anglo-Indian Community.
  • His prior recommendation or permission is required prior to the introduction of certain types of bills in the Parliament.
  • He can promulgate ordinances when the Parliament session is inactive.


  • He appoints the Chief Justice and the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts.
  • He can seek advice from the Supreme Court (not binding) on any question of law or act.
  • He can grant pardon, reprieve, respite and remission.
  • In all cases where the punishment or sentence is by a court material.
  • In all cases where the punishment or sentence is for an offence against a Union Law.
  • In all cases where the sentence of death.


  • He should be a citizen of India.
  • He should have completed 35 years of age.
  • He should be qualified for the elections as a member of the Lok Sabha.
  • He should not hold any office of profit under the Union or any State government, or any local or other authority.



  • The President of India draws a salary of Rs 5,00,000/month. ( In the month of January of 2016, the salary of the President got an increment from Rs.1,50,000/ month to 5,00,000/ month).
  • The Indian President resides in The Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is the largest presidential palace in the world. The palace covers an area of 5 acres, having the dimensions of 19,000 square metres and is part of a 330-acre estate in the heart of the national capital. It takes over Rs 30 crores annually to keep the Rashtrapati and his Bhavan in top and best shape.


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