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Indian General Election, 1989 (9th Lok Sabha)

General Elections 1989
Indian general election, 1989 is considered as a milestone in Indian Politics.

Government with short duration (9th Lok Sabha Election)

Indian general election, 1989 is considered as a milestone in Indian Politics. In 9th Lok Sabha election,  voters emerged in large numbers. 9th Lok Sabha election was held in two phases, one on November 22 and the other one on November 26, 1989. Indian general election 1989, was happened for 525 seats.273 seats were needed for the majority in the 9th Lok Sabha election.

In the Indian general election,1989, Congress won 197 seats but V.P Singh managed to form the government with alliance and support from the other parties. But unfortunately the 9th Lok Sabha was dissolved in duration of 16 months. The National Front under the leadership of V.P Singh fell when V.P Singh lost support from Bharatiya Janata party in Parliamentary vote of confidence on November 7th 1990.

The Indian general election,1989 was the most eventful election. V.P Singh became the Prime Minister of the 9th Lok Sabha by forming a party which was called National Front by uniting some main regional parties such as Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan, Telugu Desam Party,and the Asom Gana Parishad. V.P Singh also had outside support from Communist party of India (Marxist) and Bharatiya Janata party. Rajiv Gandhi won the last Lok Sabha election with a huge margin but lost the 9th Lok Sabha election.

Rajiv Gandhi lost his trust among the voters because of Bofors scandal , civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)  and internal violence in Punjab.

Chandra Shekhar also became the Prime minister in the 9th Lok Sabha . Chandra Shekhar along with 64 MP’s formed Samajwadi Janata party in 1990 by splitting away from Janata Dal. Chandra Shekhar got out side  support from Congress and thus become the 11th Prime minister but later Congress withdrew their support by alleged that the Chandra Shekhar’s government was spying on the Congress leader Mr Rajiv Gandhi, finally Chandra Shekhar also resigned and thus called for new Lok Sabha election.

In the Indian general election,1991 Bharatiya Janata party won 85 seats with 11.3% voting share. Indian national Congress party won 197 seats and voting share of 39.5%. Janata Dal won 143 seats and 17.7% voting share. The Communist party of India (Marxist) won 33 seats and voting share of 6.5%. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan party won 11 seats and Communist party of India with voting share of 2.57% won 12 seats in the 9th Lok Sabha election.

Some facts about the 9th Lok Sabha election

  • In the Indian general election,1991 electoral participation was 61.95%.
  • 6160 candidates participated, average of 11.64% per constituency in 9thLok Sabha election.
  • Voting population was 49.9 crores at that time.
  • In the Indian general election,1991, 81.2%c candidates lost their deposit.


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