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Indian General Election, 1980 (7th Lok Sabha)

The year 1980, was the beginning of a new era. India was facing new challenges with its administrating government.

Remarkable Comeback of Indira Gandhi as a Leader (7th Lok Sabha Election)

The year 1980, was the beginning of a new era. India was facing new challenges with its administrating government. Therefore 7th Lok Sabha election were held on 3rd to 6th January 1980. 30 state parties and 6 national parties were the contenders in the elections of the 7thLok Sabha.

In the 7thLok Sabha election Congress (I) in the leadership of Indira Gandhi, campaigned in various parts of the country and gave confidence to the voters about their strong and reliable government . Voters did not have much trust on the Janata alliance because of instability in the party. The Indian national Congress won 353 seats with voting share of 42 % in the 7th Lok sabha election. In the election of 7th Lok Sabha, Indian National Congress participated with its current symbol, which is ‘open palm’.

7th Lok Sabha election was held 2 years ahead of its 5 years duration. The main reason behind this 7th Lok Sabha election was ,the collapsing of the Janata alliance.

Other parties voting share and seats in 7th Lok Sabha election,listed below :

  • In the 7th Lok Sabha election, Janata Alliance won 31 seats with voting share of 19%.
  • Janata party under the leadership of Ch. Charan Singh won 42 seats with voting share of 9%.
  • Communist party of India (Marxist) won 37 seats and voting share of 6% .
  • The rest parties had any minimum seats.

In 1977elections, Janata Alliance formed the government and Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister. Janata Alliance was the alliance of many parties and many other leaders had the desired to become the Prime Minister. But when, BharatiyaLok Dal and other parties withdraw their support from the alliance,Morarji Desai had to resign from his position.Ch. Charan Singh had some support from the leaders of the alliance and backed by the Congress, but later Congress also backed out. Thus, Ch. Charan Singh also resigned as well and this resulted asthe call for the 7thLok Sabha election.

This in turn favoured for Indira Gandhi which resulted in winning 353 seats in 7thLok Sabha . Indira Gandhi once againbecame the Prime Minister of India by winning the 7thLok Sabha election.

Some  facts about the 7th Lok Sabha election :

  • Voting population in 7thLok Sabha was 32.1 crores.
  • Voting percent was 54.49% in the election of 7thLok Sabha.
  • 2439 candidates participated in 7thLok Sabha election.
  • 78% candidates lost their deposits.
  • In Assam, 12 constituencies didn’t go to poll for 7thLok Sabha election.
  • 9 sitting members of Rajya Sabha were elected to the 7thLok Sabha.
  • Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India with 286 more seats in 7thLok Sabha election as compared to the previous Indian general election.
  • 3% of total MP’s were Muslims, in the 7thLok Sabha which is the highest than other in the history.
  • Dr BalaramJhakar was the speaker of the 7thLok Sabha.

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