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Indian General Election, 1977 (6th Lok Sabha)

Indian General Election 1977
1970 was an eventful decade that transformed India. In this decade, India showed its importance to the world and 1977 was one of its eventful years because of 6th Lok Sabha election.

Unity has the ability to change (6th Lok Sabha Election)

1970 was an eventful decade that transformed India. In this decade, India showed its importance to the world and 1977 was one of its eventful years because of 6th Lok Sabha election. Indian general election,1977, was held on 16th to 20th March. This Indian General election,1977 for the 6th  Lok Sabha had the  significant turn of events. 6th Lok Sabha election was conducted for 542 seats from 542 constituencies.

The most powerful party in India, the Indian National Congress had lost its charm and 200 seats in Indian general election, 1977. This 6th Lok Sabha election was the first time when Congress didn’t win after the independence of India,  since 1947. Janata party with alliance under the leadership of Morarji Desai won 345 seats, thus forming the government in 6th Lok Sabha election. Morarji Desai became the non-Congress Prime Minister of India by winning the Indian general election,1977.

The main reason for this defeat of the Indian National Congress was “The Emergency”. 6th Lok Sabha election was conducted just after the end of emergency that was imposed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for the period of 21 months that was 25th June 1975 to 21 march 1977.

The proclamation of emergency was signed by the president of that time by Mr Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed under Article 352 of the Constitution. The main target of imposing the emergency was to control “internal disturbances.” The Constitutional rights were suspended like freedom of speech, media and press was under government control.

Soon emergency caused instability in the country, people suffered miserably. There were riots and protest in many parts of the country. Unemployment, food scarcity and inflation made the situation even worse. People started protesting against Indira Gandhi and the Congress government. Government offices, busses and public property were attacked by the protesters. Attacks on ration shops were the everyday story.

Thousands of protesters and political leaders were jailed like Raj Narain, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lal Krishna Advani and many more. Even the Congress leaders Mohan Sharia and Chandra Shekhar resigned from the party to dissent the emergency.

Mrs Indira Gandhi became so unpopular because of her decision so she decided to release the political leaders and prisoners and thus, called for fresh elections. Four opposition parties the Jana Sangh, the Socialist party, Bhartiya Lok Dal and Congress Organisation united under a single banner called the Janata Alliance for 6th Lok Sabha election. People of India showed their anger on Indira Gandhi in the Indian general election,1977 by giving the majority of votes to Janata Alliance. Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi  who was very famed politician lost their seats in 6th Lok Sabha election.

In the 6th Lok Sabha election, Janata Alliance won the election by combined 345 seats and formed the government with the voting share of 52%. Congress alliance lost its charm and the Indian general election, 1977 with 189 seats and voting share of 41%.

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