All India Trinamool Congress

All India Trinamool Congress


 All India Trinamool Congress (AITMC)  

মা মাটি মানুষ

The All India Trinamool Congress party is a well known Indian Political party which is based in West Bengal. Formally, this party was known as Trinamool Congress Party and the Election symbol of this party is Jora Ghas Phul.


This party was founded by Mamta Banerjee on 1st January 1998 and currently Mamta Banerjee is the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Before the general elections of 2009, Trinamool congress party was the Sixth largest political party with 19 seats in the Lok Sabha. After the general elections of 2014, this party became Fourth largest party with 34 seats in the Lok Sabha. After over 26 years of membership with the Indian National Congress,

Mamta Banerjee established her own party of Bengal named “Trinamool Congress”, and this Trinamool Congress party was registered with the Election Commission of India in the year of 1999 during mid-December. Then the Election Commission of India allotted a unique symbol of Jora Ghas Phul.

Important Members

Some important members of Trinamool Congress are listed below:

  • Mamata Banerjee : She is the current West Bengal Chief Minister and President of AITMC. Mamata Banerjee handles many ministries in cabinet.
  • Partha Chatterjee : Chatterjee is party’s leader in West Bengal Legislative Assembly. In 2011, he was the Deputy Leader of Vidhan Sabha.
  • Mukul Roy : He is the Party’s leader in Rajya Sabha and also the General Secretary of All India Trinamool Congress.
  • Sudip Bandyopadhyay : He is the party’s leader in Lok Sabha and chief spokesperson of AITMC.

Nandigram Movement

There was a notice given by Haldia Development Authority to the people of Nandigram in December 2006 regarding the extensive portion of Nandigram would be seized and around 70,000 people be force out from their houses. Then Trinamool Congress led this movement which people started against the Force Out and Land acquisition and formed a committee named Bhumi Uchchhed Partirodh Committee (BUPC) and motive behind the formation of this Committee was to stop the activities of Eviction and Land Grabbing. In the year of 2007, on March 14th the police opened firing and killed 14 villagers and many more of them went missing. Due to this incident there was another movement started named SUCI(C) and led by Nanda Patra (A school teacher of Tamluk). After Nandigram incident in the year of 2009 in general elections of the Lok Sabha, Trinamool Congress won 19 seats in West Bengal. In the year of 2010 in municipal elections of Kolkata, Trinamool Congress won 97 seats out of 141 seats and also won a majority of other municipalities.

Electoral Performance

In the Legislative Assembly elections of West Bengal in the year of 2011 Trinamool Congress-led alliance which included SUCI (C) and INC, and Won 227 seats out of 294 seats legislature. Trinamool Congress party separately won 184 seats, allowing it to govern without an affiliation. Finally in Basirhat this party won a By-election and two MLAs of congress moved to Trinamool Congress.

Political Slogan

The primary Slogan of party was Ma Mati Manush, which was formulated by the Chief of All India Trinamool Congress party and current Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. The meaning of slogan was “Mother, Motherland and People” which became very popular and became sixth most popular political Slogan of India that time. Even Mamta Banerjee wrote a book and a theme song was also recorded on the same title.

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