Ads in Status, Night Mode, and 13 more features WhatsApp is testing

Ads in Status, Night Mode, and 13 more features WhatsApp is testing

Whatsapp, being the most preferred messaging app on android and IOS, it is going to add more advance features like status ads, night mode, sharing whatsapp status to facebook story and much more. These awesome features will not only help people enjoy their social media time but it will also help marketer and advertisers to achieve there is marketing or business goals. There are millions of daily active users on whatsapp which is a big number for marketer to target and grab customers.

Now whatsapp has been testing a numbers of features to add in its app including dark mode, in-app browsing, group privacy, a reverse image search, etc and all these feature will be seen by 2020. While testing once it is made sure that the feature is working correctly, whatsapp will launch the features on its stable app. Now we are listing some major features whatsapp will soon launch and please tell us which feature you like the most in the comment section.

Whatsapp Ads on Status/Story

Facebook has already announced that they will bring stats ads on whatsapp story by 2020. Whatsapp status will also have ads like Facebook and Instagram stories. These details were spotted on twitter from Facebook Marketing Summit at the Rotterdam showcasing that how ads will appear on whatsapp statuses.

Last year, Chris Daniels (whatsapp vice president) confirmed that soon ads will be coming to the status feature of whatsapp and also pointed out that it will be major monetisation mode for messaging app platform.

Dark Mode/Night Mode

“Whatsapp Dark Mode,” this keyword has minimum 35,000 search per month. By noticing this whatsapp has taken the dark mode or night mode feature seriously and will soon roll out by 2020. According to the report by WABetInfo, soon the company will release Whatsapp dark mode feature for its user.

Whatsapp night mode/dark mode

When the dark mode feature will be released the user will be able to use dark mode at night which will be ease them to do chatting at night. The dark mode will be similar to the twitter’s and youtube’s dark mode.

Sharing of WhatsApp status of Facebook story

There have been reports that whatsapp is reportedly testing and experimenting the ability to statuses to facebook story in its android beta update. This new feature was spotted in android beta version 2.19.151 by Wabetainfo. User can see if there is any option of they have already installed official facebook app on their devices.

This will ease those user who always share same story on facebook and whatsapp as they will be able to share status at one click.

Share Contact Via QR Code

In the same beta version 2.19.151, the company is going to add “share contact via QR Code” option. The user will be able to share contact in a QR Code form, all the details in the contact will form a QR Code which will let user share contact details and information the QR Code in an encrypted form. It is same like Instagram’s profile QR Code feature.

Sharing contact via QR Code

In-app browsing

WhatsApp 2.19.74 beta version allows user for in-app browsing which means when a user clicks on a link in a message that link will be browsed within the whatsapp’s browser. However this feature is not available in all android version and it is said that it is under development. Once the feature gets to all android version every user will be able to browse website within whatsapp’s browser without opening external browsers.

Reverse Image search

There is a new feature which is being developed by whatsapp that is “reverse image feature” which would allow the user to search by image which they receive or send in their chats. Yet this feature not be seen or available, whatsapp is working on this feature to ensure a bug free experience. It will also help users to get the origin of the image.

This new feature will let users to upload any image from their chat to google. Once the image get uploaded, an in-app browser will be opened within the whatsapp to show the relevant results like google image search. The feature “reverse image search” will let user to check a particular image has ever appeared on the internet earlier or not which will also help to check the authenticity of the image.

Group Privacy Setting

This is something new that whatsapp is going to add it in their app which will let user to enable a setting that no one can automatically add them to any group. This will help in stop fake messages from rolling out. The feature will soon be available for the users on the latest version of the app.

Once the feature is activated, whatsapp users will be able to control who can add them to a group. The app will have three options to select for who is allowed to add them to a group– “Nobody”, “My Contacts”, and “Everyone”. Group admins will be prompted to send an invitation link to add users who have enabled group privacy settings.

Frequently forwarded message info

The 2.19.80 beta version of the messaging app was working of “forwarding info” feature which will show how many times a particular message has be forwarded. This will also indicate that message is are forwarded hundred of time are trending on social media or whatsapp. If a message which has been forwarded too many times, that message will have a “frequently forwarded message” tag on the message.

Group admins can restrict frequently forwarded messages

The renowned messaging app whatsapp is currently developing a “frequently forwarding message” restriction feature in it future update. This feature will allow the group admins stop or restrict any message which has “frequently forwarding message” tag. WAbetainfo reported that this restriction feature for group admin has not been enable in beta version and it is developing phase.

Once the feature is enabled, the group admin will be able to see “frequently forwarded message” option in the group settings. In those settings, the admin will see option like “Choose to allow participants to send frequently forwarded messages to this group” with “Allow” and “Don’t allow” options.

WhatsApp Business Catalogue

At the facebook F8 conference, it was stated that whatsapp is going introduce a new business catalogue feature for the companies. The catalogue will be accessible within the app while chatting with any business. It is expected that the feature will improve businesses to showcase their products and services.

At the recently held Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, facebook announced that whatsapp product catalogue will be connected or integrated to with existing facebook business manager catalogue.

Fingerprint authentication and block chat screenshot

IOS user are already aware of fingerprint authentication feature and for android users it is in developing phase. However the whatsapp has been found testing another awesome feature that would block user from taking screenshot of the chat. That means, if user has enabled fingerprint authentication feature, the other users will not be able to take screenshot on the app.

Doodle UI and new Status Emojis

Whatsapp will soon bring a new Doodle UI to its official app for sharing media or images. The Stickers will be grouped by “Favourites” and “Category”, which will give ease to the user to choose what sticker they ant to use. Also, there will be a search feature to find stickers easily. The new interface of sticker option will also allow user to put sticker over the images, videos and gifs.

Another feature that whatsapp is working upon is that it is testing a new audio picker which will allow user to send as much as 30 audie files at a time which means a user will be able to send 30 audio file in once. This feature supports image and audio preview without affecting the selection process.

Sticker preview in notification

A new feature named “sticker notification preview” is being developed by facebook. This feature has already been seen in IOS beta version and it will be soon rollout for android users. Once this feature is out for android, it will start to show sticker preview in the notification like it does for emoji or text message notification.

So these are the whatsapp updates which are soon going to be added into the app.

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